Thursday, February 28, 2008

More Blessing

Grandma Holly and Grandpa Russ.

Our new little Family!

Sophie's Blessing

We blessed Sophie on 12/2/07, we got to bless her in our new building. It was finished just two weeks before. Her dress was made by Joann Farnsworth a lady who is really good friends with Lloyd's Mom, it was perfect!
Sophie was so tired when I was taking pictures, she fell asleep after a few.
This is everyone who helped bless our little Soph. starting left-Lance Robinson, Phillip Mickelson, Dwayne Mickelson, Lawrence Mickelson, Lloyd, Sophie, Russ Elder, Shawn Didericksen, Justin Elder, Ian Pitcher.
Here are the proud Grandpas and the super proud Daddy! They were sick of taking pictures, and ready to eat lunch!
Here is Grandpa Lawrence and Grandma Linda with our little Sophie, they don't like taking pictures!

Khyra and Lee's Wedding 12/29/07

This was at the luncheon after the Wedding it was beautifully decorated and we had a fabulous lunch there was a super cute video that we watched and we got a picture of all of the cousins that were there. Man it was hot standing all so close together on those stairs. I'm sure someone got a real picture of it, but someone took the pic with my camera when we weren't ready. Saydi had to get a pic with Grandpa Russ and Grandma Holly, so she could have a new one for her 'church' album.


This is what the girls are doing so far today. I caught Saydi drinking my mango juice while she was playing with her Dora house. Sophie was sleeping, so I got a pic of her too!


Sophie got a new chair and Saydi wanted her to sit right next to her so they could watch their movie 'together'. It was fun. Sophie looks so big sitting up! I can't believe she is almost 5 mo old! It is much easier to feed Sophie in her new chair too.



I put Sophie in Saydi's pink chair, she sat really well in it, and Saydi was excited to share. Sophie loves to sit up pretty straight or be laying down flat, none of that 1/2 way stuff.

Sophie's 1st Cereal

Sophie loved the cereal the first time she tried it! She started gagging though when she would get too much in her little mouth. She's funny!

My Sweet Cute Girls!

When Sophie first came home Saydi wanted to be holding her every chance she got! Saydi loves being a big sister!