Thursday, June 12, 2008

More Hogle Zoo

I just had to add these photos. My friend sent them to me from when we were at the Zoo. Saydi just LOVES her friends!
This is a typical Sophie look, she's not mad, its just her serious face!
And she looks ANGRY, but she's not. My silly baby! She's got the Panter glare!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

North Logan Fire Station

On Sunday Justin and Heidi Blessed Baby Tyler, after the dinner and most everyone left Uncle Justin took all the kids to the North Logan Fire Station to show them the trucks. This is Jordyn, Jackson and Saydi.
Here is Jade and our Drama Queen Saydi posing for the camera.
Uncle Justin let Saydi drive the firetruck and wear the headphones. They're a little big!
The kids got to play around in the truck for a little bit.

Here are Jordyn and Saydi posing again. They had a ton of fun!

Hogle Zoo

We went to Hogle Zoo over Memorial Weekend with our Friends Shawn and Christy and their kids Taylor and Zach.
The kids had so much fun! It was packed. The weather was kinda cool and overcast it was great!
Saydi Loved the Elephants! This one stood by the door and did a little dance while it was waiting to get in.
Saydi Got tired of walking and we only had the single stroller for Sophie, so Lloyd and I took turns w/her on our shoulders.
Sophie looked Grumpy most of the time, but didn't make a peep, I think she had a blast too, she loves being outside.