Saturday, April 25, 2009

Old Friends and New

I met with two of my friends from High School in Logan, we met at McDonalds to let our kids play, then went to the mall for more playing. They were all kinda young to do too much, so we opted for these activities so we could visit. It was fun seeing them after almost 10 years. CRAZY! Time has flown by.
Sophie already had a bruise on her chin, but we were standing there and this random 3 year old comes up and whacks Sophie on the face for no reason. I just happened to glance down at Soph when the brat did it. Several people saw and heard the slap and were disgusted. The mother just took her away to play and didn't say anything. I was so mad!

Saydi and Jackson got sick of waiting so they decided to play in the entryway...

..and make faces at eachother. It was cute.

Here is Nathan, Karlie, and Saydi.

Meagan will probably kill me, she didn't want any pics taken of her and she didn't know I got this one. Sorry 'G'!

This was at the mall afterward.
This is Shanna with her baby Gavin, cute baby.
Here is Karlie and Saydi showing their toys, they got along great I wish Shae didn't live so far away!

Jackson, Karlie, and Saydi. They all had fun together.

Easter 2009

Delaney and Saydi searching for eggs. I should've gotten more pics of the adults, but we did the hunt after dinner, so I forgot to get the camera until we started hiding eggs.

Jordyn Enjoying her finds.

Lloyd helping Soph find her eggs.

Saydi's 2nd hunt of the day, she had a blast!

Delaney and Jordyn finding eggs. We had a lot of great food and good fun with everyone that came this year to Wellsville for Easter.

We had such beautiful weather and a fun day with Family and Friends.

Jordyn, Jade and Saydi posing on the tramp, sweet static hair.

Eggs hidden on the tractor.

Sophie was good at it, even though Gma hid them easy.

On an Easter Egg Hunt at Gma Linda's before we went to Wellsville.

Soph was excited to color eggs!

Daddy showing Saydi how to get started.

Too much splashing, so Daddy needed to help get it out.

Sophie was so proud she could color eggs like big sis.

Waiting for the Pink to get darker...

Baby Calves

My Sister-In-Law LaRae was out of town and asked us to feed the baby calves. The girls were so excited, even though it was pretty cold.

Saydi loved her little calf 'Oscar' who has since died.

Here's Saydi petting 'Zeke' and little 'Cheech' is next to him. Saydi Named Oscar, and LaRae and her girls named the others.

Saydi liked to bottle feed them, she had fun. There were 4 calves and now we're down to 2. I've gone down and fed the calves several times for LaRae and I find that I quite like it. Even when the calves are being little stinkers and trying to climb out of their pen.

Sophie was kinda upset and cold, we were waiting for Daddy to get the car so we wouldn't have to walk through the mud again. The fun things we get to do living out in the country.