Saturday, August 29, 2009

Family Time

This is what happens when Saydi gets a hold of the camera. She loves to take pics of the family. These are some of her most recent ones.


These two girls are best friends, they have so much fun together! I've been really lucky, they hardly fight and if they do they're quick to make-up. I just wanted to share some pics of my sweet girls.

Saydi's 1st Day of Pre-School Year 2

Saydi was so excited to start school again, she's going to Pre-School again with Miss Melia. She will be going 2 days a week this year instead of 1. She just misses the deadline. Saydi taught herself to read this summer, so we've gotten her a few workbooks to keep her busy during the school year. She loves to read books and try out new math problems. She is such a smartie and so fun!

Caribou County Fair 2009

This year at the Caribou County Fair, Saydi put in a coloring contest page and won! She got an all day pass for the rides at the fair. I put a few things in the fair and got ribbons on everything I put in, it was nice, we had money for the expensive food at the fair. There are certain things you have to get every year! My new favorite (only new to me) was the Peaches & Strawberries & Cream!! MMmm Yummy!! We had a good time at the fair this year. Can't wait 'til next year!

Waiting for the parade to start.

Saydi's Clogging group danced at the fair.

The girls got their faced painted.

The slide at the Fair, They were all supposed to go down together.

Daddy and Sophie going down. She liked it the first time, but the 2nd scared her.
Saydi was supposed to go down with Daddy and Soph, but She slipped and went down, she FREAKED out! Once was enough for Saydi.

Daddy took the girls on the Merry-go-round, and got sick.

The girls on the train ride, Very BORING!


Our Growing Puppy! He's gonna be Huge!

This summer we've gotten 4 pets!! I never thought I'd have that many. Thankfully they're all outdoor pets. Saydi named our cats (for mice) and our dog was already named when we got him. I don't have a pic of all the cats, just Saydi's 'Baby' Bell, who was a girl when we got him and now he's a boy, but we kept his name. Saydi calls him 'Bell Boy'. This dumb cat lets her hold him like a baby and carry him around. We've lucked out and gotten excellent cats and a dog.