Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Caribou County Fair 2010

This is all the pics we have for the fair this year. We all put things in the fair, Saydi got all blue ribbons, and Sophie got 2 blue and 1 yellow. The girls got to go on a bounce house and had so much fun. We love fair time, everyone is home and there's always something to do. Lloyd was able to come with us this year to the other parades and the bounce houses.
Saydi got her face painted at children's day.

Cute rose.

Lyndee was just happy to be there.

Sophie got a butterfly.

Here is Melissa Hubbard painting Saydi. She's so talented! (Not just with facepainting)

Here's our brother-in-law Gary signaling the end of the childrens parade.

Sophie rode on the Rockin Rhythm Cloggers float with Saydi.

They were supposed to be cheering, but Sophie just sat there.

Lyndee waiting with Makenzie for the parade to start.

Such a cutie pie.

Tautphaus Park Zoo 2010

July 31st we went to Rexburg to sleep over at Lloyd's sister Sandy's house. We had decided to go to Target to do Saydi's School shopping and instead of going to Layton we went to Idaho Falls. After shopping we went to Tautphaus Park Zoo with Sandy and her girls. It was a really warm day but we had some snow cones to cool us off. We had a lot of fun, super cute and cheap zoo.
Here is Saydi pretending to be an egg in a nest.

It was really hot outside, and Lloyd was cooling Lyndee off while the girls played.

Sophie and Morgan sitting in an egg.
Saydi was mad that she couldn't sit on the tiger, it was really hot and would have burned her butt if she'd have sat on it.

Saydi posed on the Lion and wanted her pic taken.

We let the girls get flattened penny souviners. Peyton, Morgan, Sophie and Saydi. They had so much fun together.

'Madagascar!! There's King Julian' That's what we heard when we saw the ringtail lemurs.

These cute little ducks were my favorite!

The zoo keepers were feeding the baby penguins. Not this lady, but another one got bitten by a larger penguin on the leg. They're super mean! But just protecting their babies.

Lyndee was such a trooper and loved being outside.

Saydi got to pet a tiny turtle. It was cool. Sophie didn't want to touch it.

These huge tortises were fun to watch and the smaller one was super fast!

Bear Lake 2010

We try every summer to get to Bear Lake with the girls, this year we went with Lloyd's sisters Heather, Susan, Sandy, and Melissa with their families. All the kids had so much fun even though the wind was blowing like a bugger and our canopy kept trying to get away from us. We would like to go more often during the summer, but it seems like we never have enough time, or make the time.

We love North Shore it is so nice to be able to let the kids walk out so far and still have shallow water. It is a great place to let them play.
Lyndee was tired after her huge blowout which resulted in taking her carseat apart and removing her cute cover. My sweet baby.

Otis and Grandma Linda rode with us over to Bear Lake.

On the way home we stopped at Big J's for dinner, the girls were a bit worn out!

Morgan, Carter, and Soph buiding sand castles. These three are trouble, but have so much fun together. Sophie had sand EVERYWHERE!! But she had a lot of fun.

Saydi was so proud of her sand castle, both girls absolutely LOVE 'The Beach'.

Lloyd built a sand castle w/Saydi and the kids, she was so excited.

Lyndee loved the water too, it was a bit chilly especially with the wind, but she liked dipping her toes in.

Peyton, Saydi, Sophie, Carter, and Morgan playin' in the sand.

Otis was getting blown away, but he had a blast too.

Sophie had a lot of fun. She loves the water!