Thursday, July 31, 2008

Caribou County Fair

We took the girls to the Fair last night to see what ribbons Saydi got on her things she put in the Fair. So we stayed and had dinner then took Saydi on some rides. She hated the motorcycles she yelled for 3 rounds then the lady stopped the ride and gave us her tickets back to go on another ride that was slower.
Sophie was so good! She sat and watched everyone and just chilled.
Saydi liked the turtles, the gal there let her go again for free.
Saydi also like the cars, she had a lot of fun! Another year at the caribou county fair has gone by.....

Bear Lake

We finally took the girls to Bear Lake this summer! Here is Lloyd and Saydi collecting seashells
and Sophie playing. The weather was perfect~ we got there about 5pm and only stayed for a couple of hours then went to Bear Lake Pizza were our Niece Jennifer works and had dinner. It was really fun!
Saydi was super proud of the shells she found
Sophie ate A LOT of sand
It was nice to be able to put Sophie in the water and even if she crawled around a bit, the water was never deep.

Sophie loves her Daddy! Oh, and the sand!

Lloyd and Saydi walked out far enough so Saydi could swim.

Saydi wearing Daddy's sunglasses

This is the only pic of me that I took myself

More seashells to show Grandma!

This was the only time that Sophie kept her hat on! She would pull it off as fast as I could put it on!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Summer Fun

Last Sunday after naps we took the girls to Heather and Lance's to play on their new playset.
Brendan is behind Saydi, they're playing the the sand building castles.

Sophie loves being outside!

Saydi had a lot of fun on the swings

Saydi didn't like going uptop, so Brendan sat with her in the underneath club house.

Summer Fun

I had to haul water from the house to fill this little wading pool, but the girls had a blast!


Sophie was in Saydi's room playing and she started fussing, I went in to see what was wrong and I couldn't find her! She was clear under Saydi's bed!! I don't know how she gets into these spots!

Sophie Loves her baths at night, she had a really good bubble beard going on, but by the time we got the camera it was mostly gone.

Saydi lives in her swimsuits!

She's really good about brushing her teeth every night. Don't you just love her socks!

This morning I found Sophie standing up in her crib! Its a good thing Lloyd lowered it 3 days ago, or we'd be in big trouble. My sweet baby is getting too big!! I took Sophie to her 9mo appt on Wednesday and she is 17lb 1oz, and 29 inches long~ she is in the 25% for her weight and the 93% for her height! She's my tall and skinny baby! But Saydi at this age was 16 lb and 27 inches long, its crazy to think how fast the time goes!


We took the girls swimming at Lava, Saydi got a free swim pass for doing the summer reading program at our library. We had a lot of fun!
Sophie is getting ready for Swimming

Saydi couldn't wait to get in!!

Lloyd and the girls

We didn't stay for very long just a couple of hours. It was just right.

Saydi posing for the camera! What a goof!! We drove to Pocatello after swimming for dinner, to Applebees, Saydi also got a free meal coupon from the Summer Reading program. I got a migrane as soon as we sat down to order. Needless to say I was blind for most of the meal and had a MAJOR headache the rest of the time. It was horrible!! I haven't had a migrane like that for years!! Besides that we had a fabulous day!

Monday, July 7, 2008


We went to Lehi on Saturday for my cousin Colton Buchanan's Baptism. Saydi and Maycee had to sit on Spencer's lap.
The girls all swam in the hot tub like it was a swimming pool. It was Saydi's first time swimming this year. I know kinda sad.... She had a blast! There was Jade, Jordyn, Saydi and Maycee.
Grandpa let Sophie put her feet in and splash in the water
Here's Grandpa and Grandma on the swing with Sophie. Grandma also put Sophie's feet in the water, but she got soaked from Sophie splashing.
Mommy and Sophie swinging. Look at that pokey hair!
Someone had extentions at Kara's and Grandma & Grandpa had their hair done. Nice Mullett!
All the girls were going to have a sleepover so they got on their princess pj's and Kara put a princess movie on for the girls. They had so much fun playing this weekend, none of them wanted to go home.


Saydi and Lloyd doing 'Snaps'


Saydi took this pic of herself

You have to have the 'bloomin flowers' on the 4th of July!

Here is our show! I know not that great, but Saydi got bored by the time we were done with the few fireworks we did get. The two years before she's fallen asleep at fireworks displays, so we didn't want to pay to have her sleep. Plus Sophie went to bed early and we just did our fireworks in the the driveway. It was nice to stay home this year.

4th Of July Weekend!!

Lloyd and Saydi went fishing up by his parent's house on the 4th, before dinner and fireworks. They had a blast! Saydi was so proud of her little rainbow trout. This was the first fish she's caught.

It took a little prodding, but she finally agreed to hold her fish and realized it wasn't a big deal. I think she was worried it would bite her.

Silly Sophie

This is what Sophie does, she doesn't crawl. She rolls and pulls and scoots, then goes into this weird push-up thing on her toes. I think she'll crawl soon though. She already loves to stand and try to walk while holding someone's hands.