Thursday, September 11, 2008

Last trip to Bear Lake

On Aug 18 we went to Bear Lake with a bunch of Lloyd's family. Shannon came from Washington, we also went with LaRae's girls, Heather's Family and Linda. We had a lot of fun!
Lloyd and Sophie

Saydi and Dallen had so much fun together!

Sophie eating licorice

Michael with two of his boys playing in the sand. They were cute!

These babies are very close in age. Nathan was born on Nov 1, Sophie Oct 8, and Carter Sept 8. But the youngest (Nathan) is the biggest! They all shared the food on the blanket, notice the licorice faces.

Maurisa played with Sophie and Saydi in the water

Benjamin rode with us on the way to Big J's for dinner they were all fast asleep before we got away from North Shore. It was a fun day!


Glitter said...

You got a lovely family

Chris and Tara said...

I haven't been to Bear Lake in so long. Next summer, we should meet up there. That would be really fun. Ü
I love the picture of Saydi on the side of your blog. She looks so cute and mischeivous. She reminds me of you. Ü