Saturday, April 25, 2009

Easter 2009

Delaney and Saydi searching for eggs. I should've gotten more pics of the adults, but we did the hunt after dinner, so I forgot to get the camera until we started hiding eggs.

Jordyn Enjoying her finds.

Lloyd helping Soph find her eggs.

Saydi's 2nd hunt of the day, she had a blast!

Delaney and Jordyn finding eggs. We had a lot of great food and good fun with everyone that came this year to Wellsville for Easter.

We had such beautiful weather and a fun day with Family and Friends.

Jordyn, Jade and Saydi posing on the tramp, sweet static hair.

Eggs hidden on the tractor.

Sophie was good at it, even though Gma hid them easy.

On an Easter Egg Hunt at Gma Linda's before we went to Wellsville.

Soph was excited to color eggs!

Daddy showing Saydi how to get started.

Too much splashing, so Daddy needed to help get it out.

Sophie was so proud she could color eggs like big sis.

Waiting for the Pink to get darker...

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