Friday, November 13, 2009

Girls and Halloween

Donut, getting bigger every day, and making huge messes!!

Here's our Ladybug and Wich

The girls were so excited! They got to wear their costumes 2 different times for fun Halloween activities.

Sophie our accident prone child. She was trying to stand on a 13" ball and fell off whacking her head on the baseboard in the hallway. Immediately this goosegg formed, we were lucky it didn't split or we'd have another trip to the ER. It was almost gone the next day, and only a tiny bruise was left. I swear she gets hurt daily, in fact while I was writing this she fell off the coffee-table
and whacked her elbow. What a kid!

Daddy got the girls some Jerseys and they were so excited to wear them. They're a little big, but they'll grow into them. I love Sophie's half smile/squint.


Chris and Tara said...

Ouch! That goose egg is huge. I'm glad it didn't leave a big bruise. Happy Thanksgiving. I hope everything's going well with Baby Girl #3.

Justin and Heidi Elder said...

Cute girls on Halloween! Poor Sophi that looks like it hurt.