Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Caribou County Fair 2010

This is all the pics we have for the fair this year. We all put things in the fair, Saydi got all blue ribbons, and Sophie got 2 blue and 1 yellow. The girls got to go on a bounce house and had so much fun. We love fair time, everyone is home and there's always something to do. Lloyd was able to come with us this year to the other parades and the bounce houses.
Saydi got her face painted at children's day.

Cute rose.

Lyndee was just happy to be there.

Sophie got a butterfly.

Here is Melissa Hubbard painting Saydi. She's so talented! (Not just with facepainting)

Here's our brother-in-law Gary signaling the end of the childrens parade.

Sophie rode on the Rockin Rhythm Cloggers float with Saydi.

They were supposed to be cheering, but Sophie just sat there.

Lyndee waiting with Makenzie for the parade to start.

Such a cutie pie.

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Abundance Yeah said...

these are just the cuties pictures.