Sunday, December 19, 2010

Saydi's 6th Birthday

Saydi's 6th Birthday!! 11/23/2010
Saydi had gotten ready for school, but she had wished for snow for her Birthday and we sure got it! School was cancelled, so she missed her Thanksgiving party and taking snacks for that party/her Birthday, and her Birthday party was cancelled too. She was fine with it since she had gotten the snow for her Birthday. She's such an agreeable child!

 Saydi recieved a new robe for her birthday from Sophie, so Sophie inherited her old Hannah Montana Robe.  These two love eachother so much!! I'm glad they're best friends.

 The one thing she asked for was a 'Tangled' Rapunzel doll.  She had opened all her other gifts and we had told her we were done.  Then we brought this one out and she knew exactly what it was.
So excited!

 Saydi and her cake w/Rapunzel watching.  My sweet 6 yr old!

 Lyndee enjoyed the cake very much, can't wait for her 1st Birthday.

 Messy baby after too much cake!  She'll be so much fun!  Saydi and Sophie wouldn't touch their 1st Birthday cakes, I think Lyndee will dig right in!

 Saydi's Birthday party was postponed until the day after Thanksgiving.  We went and picked all the girls up then started in on Hair Bling and Manicures.  Aunt Bobbi came and helped out.  The girls had a lot of fun getting dolled up.

 Saydi opening gifts, She has the sweetest friends!

 Here is everyone who could make it to the newly planned party, 2 girls weren't able to come, but they still had a blast!
Jaclyn Mickelson, Peyton Humphreys, Maycie Taggart, Olivia Mickelson, Saydi Mickelson, Lindsey Rigby, and Tenleigh Walker. 

Here is the snow the day after Saydi had wished for it. Doesn't look like much, but we had a pretty good storm.  The wind blew a lot of it too.

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