Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

This Thanksgiving we did something a little different. We went to Bear Lake and Stayed at two of Justin and Heidi's Condos. It was My family's turn to have us for Thanksgiving, so we went up with Justin and Heidi, Josh and Veronica, My Parents and Joey, And Chris and Jamie (and everyone's kids). We had two units, Josh Veronica and their kids had one to themselves (they had to have Beebo my mom's Parrot) and the rest of us shared the Larger Condo. We had a lot of fun it was nice to have several days to spend with everyone and we had to prepare ahead for the Thanksgiving Feast, so fixing it and cleanup was a breeze! Also since it wasn't anyone's house no one felt obligated to keep busy or entertain, we had a blast! I didn't get many pics because we were too busy relaxing and having a good time. We played a lot of games with the favorite being 'signs' if you haven't played that you're missing out! It's a lot more fun the more people you have. It was just a good week!

G-ma Holly brought stuff to make Gingerbread Houses. The little girls had just finished showering so they all look like little drowned rats!

Everyone had fun!

Sophie being silly!

Everyone worked hard on their houses and had fun eating them too! We were supposed to get a pic w/all the kids and their houses, but I don't think anyone did. I'm glad we could all get together for a great Thanksgiving! THANKS JUSTIN AND HEIDI for letting us use your time!!


The Barth Family said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! Hope your holidays are great this year!

Chris and Tara said...

I'm very impressed with your gingerbread houses. I must sadly admit that I've never made one in my life. :(
Merry Christmas!