Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New House

This is the reason I haven't posted since Thanksgiving! We've had a lot going on. We bought this house and have been fixing it up, it took a lot longer than we anticipated to close on the house and get it ready for us to move in. We were so excited to find a house up here, it took us 2 1/2 years to find one, and now it's OURS!
Here is our New House! Last Fall
This is the Side Door that I think most everyone will use

Lloyd put in this beautiful Flooring in our Kitchen and two Entrys

Before and After of our Living Room. We still need to put up decorations.
Before and After of our Bedroom We still have a lot of things to find homes for, we're used to a large walk-in closet, but we're adjusting.
Before and After of the Playroom

Before and After of the Girls' Room

We'll have more room once Sophie is out of the crib.We did lavender walls with white beadboard we're still not finished we have to do a trim at the top of the beadboard.

Sophie Loves our new house! I was worried about her, but she's adjusted fine!

Before and after of the Bathroom. There was no shower and so we put one in and tiled. We're not finished with the bathroom, we still have a lot to do in there, but it's liveable.


Joann said...

Your house looks great. The before compared to the after is amazing. I love your little girls' room, I've always wanted to do beadbored but someone told me it's a pain to put up. Anyway, it all looks wonderful!

Sadie said...

I love it!!! You two have put a lot of work in, it was well worth is cause it looks great. Now sit back and enjoy!

Mosers said...

Wow.. I totally have sympathy for all the work you have put in! That is a LOT of work! I can't imagine just taking off the old wallpaper alone! Awesome Job.. it looks great.. hey tell Lloyd I have a half finished basement he can help himself to!!! :)

Kassey said...

I think it is so cute! I love the purple in the girls room! Can't wait to come see it!!

Sotutus said...

I'm so happy for you and totally jealous too! We have been in our house a year and a half and haven't done nearly as much work as you have! It looks great!!!