Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009

The tutus that Grandma Holly & Grandpa Russ Made the girls, They love them!

Sophie loved the antlers at Grandma and Grandpa's, she thought they were so funny!

The girls new Christmas dresses from Granny

Sophie got her ZhuZhu pet stuck in her hair, what a christmas tragedy! We had to cut her hair to get it out. But you can't really tell, we'll have Aunt Heidi fix it.

Christmas morning waiting to go into the living room. I'm sure glad my girls love eachother.
We had a wonderful Christmas, it was low key and relaxed. I had contractions and morning sickness all day, but I got to spend it with my family so it was wonderful.

Here's our tree, the star kept tipping over. Saydi thought we needed a pic of the tree, so she took one.

I decided we should try caramel & chocolate covered pretzel rods this year. It was a lot of fun, I think I might do it for a neighbor gift next year. You can tell which ones Sophie decorated. She liked to dump the whole bottle onto them. They were super yummy.

Saydi got scarlet fever the day of the ward party and was still contagious so we made a gingerbread house since we had to stay home. It was a lot of fun.

It didn't take Sophie long to eat all the marshmellows off of it.

Saydi and Lloyd working on their masterpiece. She totally forgot about the ward party. I'm glad I thought of it, she was really sad.


Joann said...

Looks like you guys had a Merry Christmas. Those pretzels look yummy! Your girls are so cute, they look just like you when you were little.

Chris and Tara said...

Merry Christmas! It looks like youhad a great time celebrating in spite of the morning sickness and contractions. Ü

On a side note: my Grandma (Lee Sant) was telling me she was a resident of Heidi's at the nursing home (or is it a rehabilitation place? Isn't it sad that I don't know?) and that Heidi took great care of her. Will you tell her I said "Thanks so much for taking care of my Grandma"?

Thanks for passing on my message. Hope you're having a happy new year!

Mama Snow said...

How are you? I just noticed you posted on my Catch the Drift... blog about the discount code. Hmmm? Did you capitalize the letters. Also be sure to enter in the Promotion Code field in shopping cart

If that doesn't work, maybe they ended the code early. As awful as it is, some companies end early if they find they aren't making as much money or just to get people to go ahead and pay the other amount. I will look into it and see what I find out.

Thanks for letting me know. Hope things are going well. You have an adorable family.


Mama Snow said...

I'm back! I just figured out the problem. Try switching browsers. It doesn't work with Safari, but did on my Firefox.

Hope that helps ;0)

K'Lyn said...

I thought you would have posted about that baby! I am dying to see pics of her. How are you doing? I would love details so call me when you get a minute.