Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lyndee Fae Mickelson

I took this one of Lyndee today, she's not so red now that her count is down, she's such a sweet/good baby. Lyndee sleeps a lot and eats good too, the only time she cries is when she's hungry. I'm glad she's so calm, I need the time to spend with Sophie.

Look at all this hair! My other 2 girls were blonde and bald, so it's wierd seeing a baby of mine with lots (compared to the other girls) of dark hair.

Wide Eyed and loving the wash.

She LOVES to be under the water, I think we have a Spa Baby! She loves to have her hair washed and scrubbed.

Lyndee's 1st spongebath at home

Lyndee had a high bilirubin count so she had to be on a bili-light constantly unless I was feeding or changing her, it was really hard at first to not hold her, but I realized I could get a lot done when I didn't have the option of holding her all the time. She's still on it, but only for 10-12 hours a day for 2 more days, I don't know how people do it for months at a time, I feel for them.

Lyndee in her cute carseat cover that my Mom and Granny got me, I'm glad to have something girly for #3, the other 2 had a jungle carseat, but I wanted something a little more fun for this one.

Sophie loves to hold her little sissy, but doesn't have a very long attention span, so she doesn't hold her for very long.

Saydi is the best big sister, she is constantly asking to hold Lyndee and when she is on the bili-lights Lyndee calms down when Saydi reads her books or sings/talks to her. Already she's an amazing babysitter.

Getting ready to go home from the hospital at 5lb 8 oz.

1 day old baby girl

Proud Daddy

Minutes after Lyndee Fae was born, Jan. 28, 2010, she was 5lb 13oz and 18 1/2" long, and very RED. Sweet Girl!

The Monday before Lyndee was born, I had Saydi take one last pic of me pregnant, and although I wasn't very big I was super uncomfortable since everything was pushing into my back. I'm glad that's done with, but she was all worth it!


Sotutus said...

The very first picture looks exactly like Saydi. She's beautiful!! Congrats!

The Barth Family said...

Congratulations Clisty! She is so beautiful! You are so lucky that Saydi is such a sweet little girl...the help will come in handy! Wish we could be there to see her...I love the car seat cover! Good luck with three girls!

Amelia Harris said...

Congratulations!! She is such a cutie! :)

Jessica said...

So cute Clisty love her up. I love the car seat cover too, girl stuff is always so much cuter.

Kyla said...

Love. It.

Joann said...

Congrats Clisty, she is such a doll! I also love the carseat cover, very cute.