Monday, April 19, 2010

Lyndee's Blessing

Lyndee in her Beautiful dress made by our adopted Grandma Joann, she also had made Sophie's dress, she's amazing!

Sweet Happy Lyndee, I just took the pics today of her in her dress, I didn't have time the day of her blessing, but I wanted to get them before it didn't fit anymore.

Uncle Ian, Uncle Lance, Uncle Dwayne, Daddy, Lyndee, Grandpa Russ, Uncle Justin and Great Grandpa Elder

Our Family

Grandma Linda and Lyndee

Grandma Holly and Grandpa Russ w/Lyndee

Granny and Lyndee

4 Generation Pic with Grandpa Russ and Great Grandpa Elder

Uncle Joey

Uncle Justin

Going to the Luncheon afterwards


Chris and Tara said...

Oh Clisty, she's beautiful. Congratulations. And her dress is amazing. That's so great that her grandma made it for her.

Jessica said...

Glad it was a special day. Lyndee is so sweet, I love the blessing dress too.

Biesingers said...

Hey email me your email so i can add you as a reader on my blog I had to make it private! Thanks