Monday, July 7, 2008


We went to Lehi on Saturday for my cousin Colton Buchanan's Baptism. Saydi and Maycee had to sit on Spencer's lap.
The girls all swam in the hot tub like it was a swimming pool. It was Saydi's first time swimming this year. I know kinda sad.... She had a blast! There was Jade, Jordyn, Saydi and Maycee.
Grandpa let Sophie put her feet in and splash in the water
Here's Grandpa and Grandma on the swing with Sophie. Grandma also put Sophie's feet in the water, but she got soaked from Sophie splashing.
Mommy and Sophie swinging. Look at that pokey hair!
Someone had extentions at Kara's and Grandma & Grandpa had their hair done. Nice Mullett!
All the girls were going to have a sleepover so they got on their princess pj's and Kara put a princess movie on for the girls. They had so much fun playing this weekend, none of them wanted to go home.

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Kassey said...

I love your mom and dads hair, they are looking pretty rocken!!
your kids are so cute!!