Friday, July 18, 2008


Sophie was in Saydi's room playing and she started fussing, I went in to see what was wrong and I couldn't find her! She was clear under Saydi's bed!! I don't know how she gets into these spots!

Sophie Loves her baths at night, she had a really good bubble beard going on, but by the time we got the camera it was mostly gone.

Saydi lives in her swimsuits!

She's really good about brushing her teeth every night. Don't you just love her socks!

This morning I found Sophie standing up in her crib! Its a good thing Lloyd lowered it 3 days ago, or we'd be in big trouble. My sweet baby is getting too big!! I took Sophie to her 9mo appt on Wednesday and she is 17lb 1oz, and 29 inches long~ she is in the 25% for her weight and the 93% for her height! She's my tall and skinny baby! But Saydi at this age was 16 lb and 27 inches long, its crazy to think how fast the time goes!

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K'Lyn said...

Cute girlies as always. Hey, I tagged you on my post today so take a gander and have fun! Let me know when you do it.