Friday, July 18, 2008


We took the girls swimming at Lava, Saydi got a free swim pass for doing the summer reading program at our library. We had a lot of fun!
Sophie is getting ready for Swimming

Saydi couldn't wait to get in!!

Lloyd and the girls

We didn't stay for very long just a couple of hours. It was just right.

Saydi posing for the camera! What a goof!! We drove to Pocatello after swimming for dinner, to Applebees, Saydi also got a free meal coupon from the Summer Reading program. I got a migrane as soon as we sat down to order. Needless to say I was blind for most of the meal and had a MAJOR headache the rest of the time. It was horrible!! I haven't had a migrane like that for years!! Besides that we had a fabulous day!

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Anonymous said...

1st pic looks like dad just enjoyed her little p--y know he is dressing her again