Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bear Lake

We finally took the girls to Bear Lake this summer! Here is Lloyd and Saydi collecting seashells
and Sophie playing. The weather was perfect~ we got there about 5pm and only stayed for a couple of hours then went to Bear Lake Pizza were our Niece Jennifer works and had dinner. It was really fun!
Saydi was super proud of the shells she found
Sophie ate A LOT of sand
It was nice to be able to put Sophie in the water and even if she crawled around a bit, the water was never deep.

Sophie loves her Daddy! Oh, and the sand!

Lloyd and Saydi walked out far enough so Saydi could swim.

Saydi wearing Daddy's sunglasses

This is the only pic of me that I took myself

More seashells to show Grandma!

This was the only time that Sophie kept her hat on! She would pull it off as fast as I could put it on!


Kyla said...

You guys look like you've had so much fun!
I miss you guys, a lot.

Dwight said...

What a cute family. I hope everything is going great for you guys.

Anonymous said...

love to just pull the bows on her bottoms, watch them fall and expose her tight, bald, puffy, toddler c--t, lay her down and lick her to orgasm, love feeling their sexy, tiny bodies bucking and quivering