Thursday, July 31, 2008

Caribou County Fair

We took the girls to the Fair last night to see what ribbons Saydi got on her things she put in the Fair. So we stayed and had dinner then took Saydi on some rides. She hated the motorcycles she yelled for 3 rounds then the lady stopped the ride and gave us her tickets back to go on another ride that was slower.
Sophie was so good! She sat and watched everyone and just chilled.
Saydi liked the turtles, the gal there let her go again for free.
Saydi also like the cars, she had a lot of fun! Another year at the caribou county fair has gone by.....


Chris and Tara said...

What fun! I am planning on writing you an email as soon as our family friends leave (they've been staying with us for a few weeks) and I have some time. Hope you're doing well. Ü

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,
Found your blog through Cindy and Garrett's. How are you doing? Do you have an email? Ours is You should email us with yours. We'd be glad to keep in touch. Hope all is going well for you.
Zane and Gina Manhart